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Since La Casita de Inglés began its first workshop in 2002, there was a place created where learning English and having fun, were inseparably joined.

Children learn intuitively, without realizing it, while having fun playing in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. With the Casita de Inglés method, they acquire vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in a natural way, in a comfortable and cheerful environment.

The workshops are very small, so the attention given to each student is practically exclusive. Groups are kept small so that children have more chances to speak and participate.

The teachers, always native,  motivate carefully the good pronunciation and encourage children to always use English in each activity, stimulating and maximizing the creativity of each kid.

We have an extensive experience and a great vocation. We work so that each child, in addition to speaking English, feels confident and not intimidated by possible mistakes.

One of the goals is that our students remember La Casita de Inglés fondly as adults, because it was an essential part at the time of their life when they learned English.

The use of music is fundamental in teaching  a language for children, with popular songs.

The background and experience of La Casita de Inglés has given the students, their parents and the teachers innumerable satisfactions. We have seen how the participants have mastered their understanding, using English expressions and pronunciation,  speaking English fluently and improving their school grades.

Many parents are aware of the importance of beginning to learn English in a an early age. This stage lasts a few years, and this is when the human mind can absorb the most information. This is why children start at La Casita since they’re two years old.

La Casita de Ingles’ biggest pride is our good name and references that their students and parents provide about them.

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